Luxury Brand Marketing Successs Stories

Check out some of DRS and Associates’ success in creating dynamic campaigns for Luxury Brands.

DRS and Associates Rebrands Luxury Brand Watermark Designs

DRS and Associates creates unique Social Media Campaign for Stone Forest

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Successful Marketing and Public Relations Services

About DRS and Associates:

DRS and Associates is a luxury brand marketing agency that provides specialized creative, marketing,  and public relations services. Our forte is Architectural, Design, and Building services and with 10 years of experience in these markets, we know the inside and outs of promoting these industries.

Successful Marketing and Public Relations Services

DRS and Associates understands the importance of creating brand awareness and promoting Architecture and Design themed clients. The 2012 Green Good Design award which is done by the Chicago Athenaeum’s Museum of Architecture and Design which focuses on sustainable products announced that five DRS and Associates client’s were winners of prestigious awards.

About Good Design and the Green Good Design Award

The Green Good Design award is one of the most desirable and celebrated design related award that is only given to prominent designers that put a premium on having eco friendly design related products. Some previous winners of this award include BMW and Mercedes Benz.

DRS and Associates Winners of the Award:

Caroma®’s Invisi™ II Series:

The Caroma Invisi Series 2 is a brand of contemporary toilets that provides a designer look and feel to your bathroom. Caroma is known for their unique water conservation technology and the Invisi Series 2 uses 40% less water while not losing out on quality.

Creative Systems Lighting’s (CSL®) Eco-Downlight LED Mini:

Another winner of the Green Good Design award is CSL’s Eco-Downlight LED Mini. This lamp has a rated lamp life of 50,000 hours and is an Energy Star compliant lighting fixture.

LAUFEN’s Palomba Collection Wall-hung Toilet:

Designed by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, this collection is inspired by organic shapes in a ceramic medium and many explain the feel of the collection as a “fingerprint of nature.”

Watermark Designs’ LSS Digital Shower:

Watermark Designs provides a personalized shower experience for each individual with their LSS Digital Shower. A digital touch screen provides options that can be selected such as multiple shower outlets, lighting options, and the ability to connect to audio devices such as your cell phone or ipod to provide the ultimate shower experience.

Zephyr®’s Next Generation Europa with DCBL Suppression System™ Technology:

Zephyr is known for their high quality range hoods and the Europa is no exception. The Europa is widely known as one of the most energy efficient and quiet range hoods every produced. It is easy to see why this product was a no brainer for the Green Good Design award.

DRS and Associates is full service marketing and pr firm in Los Angeles. To learn more about our luxury brand marketing services, please visit our website at

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